Composable & Connected: The Future of Commerce Platforms

Headless, Microservices, API-!rst, and Composable are widely recognised as the modern approach to platform architecture and commerce. Indeed, these technologies are the basis upon which some of the world’s most e”ective eCommerce organisations are built. And yet, whilst everyone in tech and eCommerce seems to be talking about them, their adoption – to date – has not been as widespread as one might have imagined.

Factor into that the COVID-19 pandemic and how it is accelerating purchasing through online channels, and organisations wishing to take advantage of this migration should be doing everything in their power to ensure that their commerce engine and architecture is !t for purpose. Headless, Composable and related technologies appear to be the answer, with many business recognising this and already deploying them, or planning them in, as we highlight later.

So, why are some businesses seemingly passively watching on, and is this set to change? Clearly there is an imperative to change; 57% of the surveyed IT and eCommerce leaders told us that their current eCommerce platform would last no more than 12 months!