WAAP Buying Guide

What’s WAAP?

Organizations that strive to deliver secure digital experiences will achieve competitive advantage by safely unleashing application innovation that delights customers. However, changing dynamics in the way applications are designed and deployed have expanded the threat surface and have necessitated a paradigm shift in the way security is delivered.

Efforts to stay ahead in a digital-first world by leveraging modern app development, agile methodologies, and automation are derailed by sophisticated attackers that compromise and abuse apps and APIs, resulting in data breach, downtime, account takeover (ATO), and fraud. This is further exacerbated by strict security controls that inadvertently frustrate customers and burden InfoSec teams with alerts that turn out to be false positives.

Download the whitepaper to learn why more organizations are considering cloud-delivered, as-a-Service solutions to help manage the complexity of securing digital experiences. Namely, Web App and API Protection, or WAAP.