How Direct-To- Consumer (DTC) Companies Can Unlock Value In Their Subscription Business

B2B companies, particularly those in software and tech, have been leading the transformation to the Subscription Economy. But in the past few years, the demand for B2C subscriptions has skyrocketed.

That’s because today’s customers want more control over how, what, and when they buy. And investors are increasingly bullish on subscription companies.

To help B2C companies capture the upside of the Subscription Economy, we collaborated with McKinsey & Company to analyze 150 B2C subscription companies to better understand what drives growth.

This research yielded not only some fascinating data results, but gave us insights about the action steps you can take to grow your business, like:

–  Developing a differentiated offer that solves a clear customer pain point

–  Designing the right pricing strategy to balance new customer acquisition and profitability

–  Capturing value across the full customer lifecycle

–  Focusing on net retention rates to unlock lifetime customer value